Character List

Jamie Reynolds aka JR is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and felt like she was on top of her game. She was young, single, making money and enjoying life. She focused much of her life on working and becoming the best she can be. She often considered herself as one of the guys and was as independent a they come. She owned her own home, worked two jobs, as a freelance event manager and an associated editor for a local news station. JR had it all figured out but abruptly dropped her comfortable life in Atlanta to moved back East to be with her family after her dad had a near-death experience. This move was suppose to be the right move but since JR planned out her whole life she never truly planned for what was about to happen next in her life.

Antonio Hall aka Toni was a free spirited smoothed talker. He never completed college nor anything else he put his mind too. He worked a regular blue-collar job and with his strong-minded attitude he never got very far in life. Toni felt the world owned him everything and always took the easy way out until he meets JR. He tried to get his life back on the straight and narrow but never felt like he had the upper hand with JR.  After joining the military things changed and this put a hug strain on their relationship. He hoped their love can mend the instability.

David Walker was a career driven man with his acted together. He had everything a woman can want, he was educated, handsome, witty with his head on right. However, after 2 years of an on again off again relationship with JR they decided to just be friends, although David realized he wanted more after JR moved back up east. David’s and JR’s “friendship” was strong but their true feelings was sometimes stronger. David knew about Toni and respected JR’s decisions but after hearing JR’s true feelings about Toni he felt like he had hope again.